How to Dispose of a Fish Tank


When you are trying to dispose of an old fish tank you cannot just throw it in the glass. Many of these tanks are too large to dispose of and many people feel that they would need to call a waste removal service. There are some useful rubbish disposal tips to help you get rid of their old fish tank properly.

You may need to call in a waste disposal company. They can take the old fish tank away and properly dispose of it. In some cases you may be able to break down your own fish tank . They can remove the class and recycle it if the glass is still in good condition. The metal can also be recycled and most probably your waste clearance service provider will do it after collecting the tank.


If the fish tank is not broken you can give it away. There are a number of sites where you can post your rubbish and others will take it. This will help keep it out of the landfill and you may be able to get new use out of your old fish tank.

Before calling a rubbish removal service everything needs to be taken out of the fish tank. If there is too much water to empty down the drain it can be siphoned out. Once the tank is light enough the water may be poured out in the grass. All decorative items should be removed. The tank should also be wiped down to remove any algae that may have grown on it.

These are some useful tips for disposing of a fish tank. The tank should never just be thrown away. A rubbish removal service can take the tank and dispose of it properly. Your next option is to recycle or reuse the tank.